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We are a family operated tour company,  service oriented. Our commitment is to bring to our guests a different local experience that allows them to live the Puerto Rican hospitality, while treated like family. Come and join us for a different tour experience!

                 The Perfect getaway

                                  "All Day Tour"

Join me on the most complete tour in Puerto Rico, The perfect getaway! God I am so excited, talking about it. This is the real Puerto Rico, you will see caves, petroglyphs, local Fruits stands, Local food (included it), waterfall, light house, beach and much more..


Excellent for Couples!!

On this adventure we choose three number #1 spot by Trip Advisor and the ultimate Tour since this tour we visit was chosen by Hollywood to make several block busters Movies, like Pirates of the Caribbean. Next stop is the light house of Arecibo, on this you will learn about our Tainos Indian, our slaves and the conquistadores. next is lunch(not included it) after lunch we will visit  another treasure Gozalandia, this is one of  the must amazing waterfall in Puerto Rico. You may see  some locals jumping from 50 foot waterfall! when you think we are over no no no, Aguadilla is waiting for us this beach is Crashboat #1 on Trip Advisor, on the way  back is la cara del Indio in Isabela, and back to San Juan.

Rates by the Tourism Company of Puerto Rico, To go Aguadilla (crash boat beach) is just over $100 on Taxi, with us we go around the island, for only $150.00. No one can offer you so much for so little. are you ready?

start time   at 8 am: breakfast(included it)

and after that, let have fun...

This tour is not recommended , for people with physical limitations, mental with balance are welcome!

Not recommended if you like to follow your watch since this is an all day tour.

 Look for us on Trip Advisor to read what our guest say about this tour.

price: $150.pp

included breakfast,  fruits minimum of six,for all included package,(how ever we will go with only two guest)

Close shoes are require, towels, change cloths.

we will travel north, center,  west all in one day, go to trip advisor to check what our guest say about this unique tour

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